It is our recommendation that Wichita is planted as the main variety. Unfortunately Wichita is very susceptible to scab and will not do well in very humid areas. Orders will typically consist of about 80% Wichita pecan trees and 20% pollinators. As growers of pecan trees, we desire cross-pollination. Ukulinga, Pawnee, Navaho and Western Schley pollinate Wichitas. Wichitas pollinate Choctaw. Once an order has been finalised, arrangements will be made in order for the deposit to be paid to ensure delivery of trees. Our Sales Agreement gives more details on this process. Please complete the order form should you wish to place an order for our trees.


The price of trees is determined by the size of the tree. Prices are available on request. When trees are packed, uniformity of size is what we strive for.

Bare rooted and bagged trees

We supply bare rooted trees as well as trees in bags.

Bare rooted trees

Trees ready to be harvested

Harvested trees laid back into the ground

Order ready to be fetched

We sell true to type Wichita, Choctaw, Navaho, Western Schley and Pawnee pecan varieties. Grafting and budding is done onto Ukulinga rootstock after about 18 months’ growth. Trees are harvested once they become dormant, i.e from July onwards and can be fetched by arrangement. Trees are packaged in bags of 10 or 20 and orders have to be in multiples of 10, please. Even though the trees are packaged using a hygroscopic gel, it is advisable to plant the trees as soon as is possible. Trees are dispatched in good order and once they leave the warehouse, it is the new owners’ responsibility to take good care of the purchase.

The advantage of bare rooted trees is that they can be transported more easily than the bagged trees. Bare rooted trees should be planted before Spring, unlike bagged trees which can be planted almost right throughout the year.

Bagged trees

Bagged Trees

Bagged Trees

Bagged Trees

Apart from bare rooted trees, Rietpan Nursery also sells bagged trees of all the varieties mentioned. Bagged trees can be bought any time during the year but we advise against planting in extreme conditions. The advantage of a bagged tree is that the roots are hardly disturbed at planting. The planting bag is simply slit and the tree gently lowered into a prepared planting hole and the roots covered with soil. As the root system is hardly disturbed, the transplant success rate is greater and the growth is also initiated more rapidly. Bagged pecan trees, however, are more expensive and transporting these over longer distances can be much more expensive than bare rooted trees.



New Compost Rows

Rietpan Nursery makes various types of compost for pecan trees and it is recommended to place an order for compost when finalising the tree order. Because pecan trees are not salt tolerant, we recommend compost which is not too rich in manure. Our vermicompost has a higher Carbon: Nitrogen ratio whereas the thermal compost has a higher Nitrogen fraction. We use both kinds of compost on our trees. After planting, approximately 5 – 10 kg is applied to each tree. Thereafter, an annual application is sufficient.

Product Availability

We are distributors of Agri-K Balance, a leachate of the vermicomposting process and which contains very high numbers of microbes. We use this product when planting trees.

We have customised our foliar sprays and include two Zylem products, Shuttle Seven (an inorganic micronutrient liquid) and Seabrix (organic liquid which feeds the microbes in the soil) when spraying our trees. We are distributors of Zylem products as well.

Please include this in your order for trees should you wish to purchase.